College Dorm Checklist for Guys Who Love to Stay Organized

College Dorm Checklist

If you’re searching for the best college dorm checklist for guys, your search stops here. If you’ve spent countless hours online compiling a list of gear for the perfect dorm room you’ll soon learn that you’re going to need a lot of stuff to get by during your freshmen year. We’ve created a checklist that’s a combination of some of the basics you’ll need and other gear that will make your room the envy of the dorm. We’re here to help you prepare for college.

Bedding and More Bedding

If you’re thinking about dorm room essentials, bedding should definitely come first. Your bed will take up most of your dorm room space, which is why it’s considered the focal point of the room. Create your look based on a comforter and an assortment of pillows to really show off your personal style.

Because the bed is the major focal point of your new space, pick out a comforter that will really show what your style is all about. You can make a bold statement by choosing a comforter with a cool graphic design or stay with a more traditional look and choose a solid color, stripes, or plaid.

Pillows are often the best way to accessorize a bed. Choose a consistent color scheme in order to pull off a well-rounded look. However, you also shouldn’t be afraid to choose pillows that also show off your personality. Try bold prints, words, or graphics that really make a statement.

Aside from throw pillows, a body pillow can make your bed into a more comfortable seating area, giving your guests a nice space to hang out.

When you’re shopping for dorm room décor, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is forgetting to buy a mattress topper. If you don’t already know, dorm room beds are incredibly uncomfortable, so you’re going to want to invest in an expensive, thick, and luxurious mattress topper that will give you the best night’s rest for the next four years.

Staying Organized

Living in a dorm room will take a high level of tolerance for noisy neighbors, and plenty of patience. It can also take some helpful gadgets that are designed to make dorm living a little easier. So, bring along these must-have items that can give any dorm room a more homey feel.

Small appliances: You don’t want to have to hit the dining hall every time you’re thirsty or hungry. So, in order to save some time and energy, purchase some appliances such as a mini blender for your morning protein shake or smoothie, and a coffee maker so you won’t have to stumble downstairs to the dining hall in order to get that essential morning cup of coffee. Other appliances you’ll want if you enjoy doing a little cooking when time allows includes a mini fridge, toaster oven, and an electric skillet. Of course, some dorms ban certain types of appliances for safety reasons, so make sure you check out the housing rules before you buy.

Stereo Setup: Both party hosters and music lovers will need a nice sound system that can fit their needs. Whether you’re a laid-back vinyl collector or you prefer a lot of bass, having a stereo, or a docking station is essential to your dorm quality of life.

Desk Life: When you’re sitting at your desk you’ll quickly find that you need plenty of study space because your desk can get pretty crowded. Try making your life a little easier by adding some shelves above your desk so you can keep all those important books and papers close at hand and neatly organized.

Optional Seating: If you plan on having guests over but you don’t want them all hanging out on your bed, invest in an ottoman or some collapsible chairs for extra seating options.

Rugs: A dorm room floor is extremely hard, cold, and probably filthy. Buy a nice rug in a neutral color and cover up your side of the room so it’ll feel a lot more welcoming.

 A Fresh Smelling Dorm Room

Fresh Smelling Dorm Room

In order to personalize your room a little more, find an air freshener that you and your roommate can both agree on. Whether it’s diffuser reeds, a scented candle, or a plugin air freshener, any of these options will make your room smell fresher and can even make your room instantly feel more like home.


The walls in your room will look pretty bleak until you hang up your own collection of artwork and posters. You can use a wide variety of décor to create a space that will inspire you, while also showing off more of your personal style. Whether it’s cool prints, lights, or sports memorabilia, decorating your dorm room walls will make your room feel more inviting.


You’ll definitely need a couple of lamps in your dorm room for some extra light while you’re pulling an all-nighter. Pick a desk lamp for late night study sessions or a tall floor lamp for reading in bed.

Keeping Track

A bulletin board can help you keep track of upcoming exams, assignment due dates, and any other upcoming events. You should choose a bulletin board and dry erase board combo. This way you can also write messages to your roommate, or write down reminders, a grocery list, or important phone numbers.

Making Your Dorm Room Complete

Again, this is just a basic college dorm checklist for guys. You may need or prefer other items including bean bag chairs, curtains, a privacy screen, or even a shower caddy, or a loft style bed and desk setup if your room doesn’t come with a bed. Whatever your needs, the most important thing you can do before you head off to college is preparing. You’ll soon learn that college isn’t all fun and games. It’s a lot of hard work, late night study sessions, and early morning exams. Having all the essentials and a few reminders of home will help make college life a little easier so you can focus on more important stuff, like passing that upcoming exam.